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In 2013 I had the luck to live in San Gimignano, a small town pulsating with the medieval spirit, resting right at the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by hills topped with cypresses and olive groves where I found myself dwelling among the nostalgic and idealised reminiscence of the passed times, simple day-to-day routine of the locals and fragments of modern culture.

I was immensely impressed with the beauty of Bartolo di Fredi’s frescoes (1367) at the Collegiate Church of the town. I drew my inspiration from the scenes depicting the Book of Genesis and in 2015 I started creating a series of small format artwork while contemplating and exploring the idea of a mystical and unrevealed place. These places are timeless and spaceless. We can find them somewhere in the universe only once we discover them within ourselves.


Caos and Cosmos

Center. Heal. Develop


To get to the centre - to find the essential, to reflect on the deepest meaning of values.


To heal - to relieve anxiety, to handle disruptive forces.


To develop - to seek a new dimension, to give form and expression to something that does not exist yet.







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