Viktorija Skafaru

Lithuanian born artist based in Italy.  San Gimignano - Tuscany
Oil & Watercolor

I've finished my art history studies  at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (2008). Worked as copywriter in the field of creative industries in Lithuania as well as  journalist - correspondent after I moved in Italy. Here I rediscovered the universal language of the images and turned my interest in art from theory into the practise. in 2017 I've got a permission to work as an official artist at san gimignano (unesco) streets. Am happy that some of my artworks  make a part of the official collections of St. Martins Shields institute (2017) in Florence and lithuanian art museum (2018) in Vilnius


"I seek to capture the spirit of places, perceive their pulsations and translate them into images without worrying about their objective appearance. I like to confront the idea, to travel in time, to take inspiration from art of the past cultures, ancient civilizations and ethnic traditions. I try to rediscover their formal language and understand their essential meaning by refusing to look at the facts and stories behind. Instead I inspect how the forms are created and what kind of sensations they evoke. I am interested in finding a contemporary way to experience and live the knowledge that does not belong to any time or place but the traces of which appear in mythology, religion, archetypes and symbols" 


                                                                 Viktorija Skafaru


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Artist featured by Saatchi Art in a collecion



ART NEEDS NO ROOF - The Municipality of Vilnius, together with the billboard company JCDecaux Lietuva - Vilnius, Lithuania (group)



Via del Arte - Cancelleria art space - San Gimignano, Italy (group)

Artistika festival of the fine arts and music - La rocca di montestaffoli, san gimignano (group)

Art&Vine - showroom | enoteca Pasquini - Poggibonsi (SI), Italy (solo)


Rimantas Kaukenas Charitable Foundation ART Auction with patronage of ambasador of the republic of lithuania Ricardas Slepavicius - Reggio Emiglia, Italy

Artistika festival of the Fine Arts and Music - La Rocca Di Montestaffoli, San Gimignano, Italy (group) 

World lithuania: horizonts of creativity - lithuanian world community, lithuanian art museum, with Patronage of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite - vilnius, lithuania (group)

Showroom at il carcere - san Gimignano, Italy (solo)

showroom at Il Ceppo Toscano - San gimignano, italy (solo)

CreAzioni - Via del Arte & Perelandra teatro - San Gimignano, Italy (performance)


Istituto Scudi di San Martino XXXIV Edizione Anno 2017 - 11 November 2017 - Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento - Firenze, Italy

XV colletiva "Il Cenacolo" - Il Cenacolo Art Gallery at Sala della Cultura di San Gimignano - San Gimignano, Italy (group)

Im Dialog: Austria - Italia - Germania - BERTRAND KASS Gallery - Innsbruck, Austria (group)

Tre Giorni D'Arte - FUN ARTE Movimento Artisti LIberi - Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy (group)

La Meraviglia delle Arti in Piandornella -  Il CENACOLO Art Gallery - San Gimignano, Italy (group)

Fiera Carrara Giorni d'Arte - FUN ARTE Movimento Artisti Liberi - Carrara, Italy (art fair)

Un Dialogo nell'Arte: Italy-Austria-Bavaria - ArtExpertise - Florence (group)

Artefiera Dolomiti - UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art Gallery - Treviso, Italy (art fair)

MAM Mostra a Milano Arte e Antiquariato - ALTOMANI&SONS Gallery - Milano, Italy (art fair)


Art Becoming - Art House gallery - Bagno Vignoni, Italy (group)



Garden of Secrets - Villa Le Palazzine - Florence, Italy (solo)

Giardino dei Segreti - Firenze Art Gallery - Florence, Italy (solo)



Vero Falso - I Fossi - San Gimignano, Italy (solo)

Arte Insieme - Museo Pietraia dei Poeti, San Benedetto, Italy (group)



Pro Arte Natale - guest at "Petit", San Benedetto, Italy (solo)

Dipingi un canto - Palazzina Azzura, San Benedetto, Italy (group) 

Arte Insieme - Museo Pietraia dei Poeti, San Benedetto, Italy (group)



Sagra dell'Arte - Pedaso, Italy (group)

Ristoro al Porto con Pro Arte - San Benedetto, Italy (group)

Rondo con Pro Arte - San Benedetto, Italy (group)

Arte Insieme - Museo Pietraia dei Poeti, San Benedetto, Italy (group)




LITHUANIAN ART MUSEUM collection (2018) - Vilnius, Lithuania

Istituto Scudi di San Martino collection (2017) - Florence, Italy


Private collection, Florence (Italy)

Private collection, Turin (Italy)

Private collection, Verona (Italy)

Private collection, San Gimignano (Italy)

Private collection, Ohio (USA)

Private collection, Edmonton (Canada)

Private collection, Wien (Austria)

Private collection, Perth (Australia)

Private collection, Bali (Indonesia)
Private collection, Vilnius (Lithuania)
Private collection, Klaipeda (Lithuania)


World lithuania: horizonts of creativity, 2018. lithuanian art museum - Vilnius, lithuania

Arte Insieme, 2014. Museo Pietraia dei Poeti - San Benedetto, italy

Arte Insieme, 2013. Museo Pietraia dei Poeti - San Benedetto, italy

Arte Insieme, 2012. Museo Pietraia dei Poeti - San Benedetto, italy



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